Create large clickable images for Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter

Instantly generate links with custom image, title and description

Instant Links - How It Works

Choose an eye-catching image

Images from web can also be used

Instant Links - How It Works

Insert the final redirection link

Add a title and a description

Instant Links - How It Works

Generate the promo link

Optional, you can shorten the URL

Instant Links - How It Works

Post the link on social media

And increase engagement by 50%

Instant Links Generator - The power of attractive images to drive online sales!
Make your content more clickable, shareable and eye-catching on social media.

If your posts on social media networks are not converting and you do not get enough visitors,
the problem could be that the users simply are not interested to click on your post.

When you post a link, Facebook or Twitter will automatically use the open graph image tag as a clickable thumbnail.
Or, worst, no image is displayed and this is a huge disadvantage.
Even if you have good products to promote, if the visual image is not attractive, you may lose many customers!

Visual appeal plays a crucial role in attracting and engaging customers.
When promoting products, an eye-catching visual image can capture the attention of potential customers and entice them to learn more about the product. A visually appealing image can create a positive first impression, build credibility, and convey key information about the product or brand.

With Instant Links Generator, you can create clickable images with your custom title and description.
Shared on social media, your custom link will instantly redirect anyone who clicks the image to any website you want to promote.

What is the significance of posting large clickable images on social media?

Marketing experts have long recommended images as the best thing to post on social media because IMAGES get the most LIKES, COMMENTS, SHARES AND THE MOST REACH.

Also, the MAIN GOAL remains TO DRIVE TRAFFIC to your websites, pages or products.
Having visually appealing images is crucial when promoting products, as it can significantly impact customer interest and engagement. The BEST SOLUTION is to post SUGGESTIVE LARGE IMAGES that are also CLICKABLE.

So, if you will post LARGE CLICKABLE IMAGES, it’s easy to assume you’ll get MORE CLICKS, which will drive MORE TRAFFIC TO YOUR WEBSITE.

Instant Links will help you to BOOST YOUR TRAFFIC from social media networks!
How to generate custom clickable images with Instant Links

Here is a simple example: We want to post a simple promo with a large image, but we also want the option that when someone clicks on that image they get redirected to our website.

We will have to login into our Instant Links account and follow these simple steps:
1. Choose a relevant image from our computer or from any external resource or website. AI generated images are also fine.
2. We can resize/crop the uploaded image for the best aspect ratio. Optional, add a "play" button watermark over the image.
3. We will insert a suggestive title, a detailed description of the link and the redirection URL to our website.
4. The application will instantly generate an unique shorten URL, ready to be shared.
5. When posted on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter, the link will be shown as clickable large image with our custom title and description. With the ability to clone the existing link, we can create multiple variations of the same link but with different images and description.

This is how 4 generated variations(same link but different images, title and description)
will look on Facebook - click on the images to visit the demo page for more examples

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What images can be used with Instant Links?
You can upload your own images from your computer or you can use images from any external source (Facebook, Photobucket, Instagram, etc). You only need the image URL. AI generated images are also supported
Also, you can use different images with the same link you want to promote.

Where can be these clickable images posted?
You can post the clickable images on LinkedIn,on Twitter, on your Facebook fan page and on your personal Facebook profile.
If you are interested in posting the clickable image in private messages or just posting it in groups, you can do that as well.

Do you have any other questions?