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Instant Links - How It Works

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Instant Links - How It Works

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Instant Links - How It Works

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Instant Links - How It Works

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Instant Links Generator - Frequently Asked Questions


How Instant Links works?
When you share a link on Facebook or Twitter, you may not be able to control the image, title, and description used in the link preview.
Instant Links enables you to update and customize the meta Open Graph tags associated with your link URL.
Basically it works just like an URL shortening service(ex:,, etc) with the option to configure your own Open Graph tags.
This means you can select a custom image thumbnail, specify the title and description, and even use different images for the same link.

Why using Instant Links is better than posting the original link?
Posting the original links will not allow you to customize the link thumbnail image, title and description.
Sometimes, you can add the corresponding Open Graph tags in your CMS or website admin but you cannot do this for each page.
You can manually achieve this but you must edit and save the source code for each page.
By using Instant Links, you can easily customize the link thumbnail image, title, and description within minutes, without the need to manually edit source code on each page.

Will the generated links hurt your website or SEO?
ABSOLUTELY NO! We are currently using this system on our website and Facebook pages.
This service functions similarly to other URL shortening services like and
Instant Links dynamically generates Open Graph tags (title, description, image) on our website and redirects users to the destination URL.
We do not include links or references to your websites, only a simple JavaScript redirection.
Therefore, Instant Links Generator is completely safe!

What types of links can I use with Instant Links?
You can use any external link that is accessible via your web browser, such as videos, WhatsApp direct message links, Facebook Messenger direct message links, or any online webpage. But with the possibility to use your own large thumbnail image, title and description!

What happens if you post videos or images containing violent, abusive, or sexual content?
We have a zero-tolerance policy for such content.
Our systems periodically check the database and external sources for abusive content.
If detected, your account will be banned, and you will be reported.

What types of images can I use with Instant Links?
Basically, you can use any external link including videos, WhatsApp direct message links, Facebook Messenger direct message links or any webpage that is online. But with your own image, title and description!

How to get the image URL from external sources and use it with your links?
Instant Links accepts external images from any website or resource.
You will just have to right click on the target image and then on "View image" or "Open image in new tab".
Then, the full image URL will be shown in your browser's address bar.
When creating a new link, just copy and paste the image URL in the corresponding field.

What is the recommended image size?
For maximum visibility and engagement on Facebook (groups, pages, or personal wall), it is best to use images with a 1.91:1 aspect ratio.
Examples include 1200x630 pixels, 800x420 pixels, 600x315 pixels, etc.
With Instant Links you have the ability to automatically adjust, zoom and crop the image to the best aspect ratio.
Anyway, you can use the original image size, if you want to.

What happens if you delete an existing link?
In this case, the link will not redirect anymore to the desired URL.
In this case, you will have to create another custom link with Instant Link Generator.

What happens if an image is deleted?
Basically all links that are using the missing image will be broken because the image does not exist anymore.
Each time an image is deleted(by you or by the external source), you will be notified by email.
You will only have to edit that link and update the image field with a new, existing image.

How to preview the clickable images?
For any link in your account, you will find a "Quick Share" option.
Once you click on it, the Facebook or Twitter share window will open and you will be able to test the link live.
You can even share it right away using the "quick share" function.

How do text alternatives with AI work?
For Pro and Elite plans, there is the possibility to generate alternatives for your link title and description.
This is very useful when you create multiple variations of the same link to test different scenarios.
When you create/edit/clone a link, you have a button to generate an alternative text.
Please note that this function will work only if you have a valid OPEN AI key and the text you want to regenerate has more than 4 words.

Where can be the generated links posted?
The generated links work on: Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Facebook personal wall, Facebook stories or on friend's timeline.
Also, you can post it on Twitter and LinkedIn.
The link is not restricted, so, once you generate it, you can post in with any account.

What to do if a link expires - for free membership only
For free accounts, any new link is available and active for 7 days.
In "Existing links" section, you will be notified in red that the link has expired.
You will have to click on "Renew link availability" icon and the link will be active for more 7 days.